Communism Never Happened

FEINKOST, 柏林, 德国
2009.11.07 - 12.20

FEINKOST, Berlin, Germany
7 november - 20 december 2010
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Communism Never Happened
November 7th - December 20th. 2009
Ciprian Mureşan, David Levine, Julien Bismuth, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Lucia Nimcova, Patrick Tuttofuoco, REP Group, Sean Snyder, Yang Zhenzhong, Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová

FEINKOST is pleased to present the group exhibition entitled “Communism Never Happened”. Taking its title from a work by artist Ciprian Mureşan, the show explores different modes of archiving, processing, assimilating and forgetting.

Do math equations in your head. In Mureşan’s work the title phrase was cut from vinyl records of propaganda. This now unconfirmable recording functions here as a revised text, the original source compromised to convey new information. Legibility of text and its translation into raw material is the outcome of Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová’s piece “All Periods in Capital” from 2007. The seminal book by Karl Marx has been filtered through the bean counter, each moment of punctuation converted into a small handmade black ball, more than 22,000 sentences of commodified ideology. How well ideology works on paper versus its real-world application underlies Yang Zhenzhong’s 2003 video “Spring Story”, a tale of a two-headed dragon and a unified workforce.

Keep a diary. Cold storage of celluloid can be the best method for properly preserving an archive. Sean Snyder’s imagery of where this methodology has helped to extend our resources for remembering proves insightful. Re-enactment can stimulate the memory of an experience. Bodily memory obtained through a routine of regimented exercise is the starting point for Lucia Nimcova’s video “Exercise” (2007). The video’s juxtaposition atop a photojournalistic archive of daily practice helps to fill the gaps between workouts. Enactment facilitates recalling an event based on projection and the actor’s ability to evoke the character. A production still from the set of David Levine’s documentary “Bauerntheater” (2007) depicts the actor David Barlow endure the manual labor of method acting as he trains to become a 1950s East German potato farmer.

Draw a map from memory. The sculpture “Neueröffnung” by artist Patrick Tuttofuoco is a map editorialized according to a psychogeograhical experience – neighborhoods are layered and reconfigured complete with ciphers of time and place. “Billboard Heaven” is a continuation of Luchezar Boyadjiev’s research into the collapse of public, private and corporate space within cityscapes. In this body of work Boyadjiev has sequestered every remaining available space of sky and sidewalk with commercial excess and sexualized architecture.

Learn a new language. The mirror-like quality of Julian Bismuth’s floor piece teases the eye with a familiarity of economic structures by transcending pocket change into an alternative value system. The analysis of cultural languages and codes has always been at the heart of the Kiev-based REP Group’s research. Their project “Patriotism” functions as a progressive iconography, i.e. word pictures transmitting messages that instruct us on how to navigate contemporary society. For any questions, images or further information please contact Aaron Moulton at